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Case Study:

The case study is a review of a current homeland security issue and one that affects the US. You will prepare five to seven pages (including the cover and reference pages) exploring the issue presented. An abstract is not required. Current issues include but are not limited to border control, funding allocation, infrastructure, cyber warfare, biotechnology, intelligence, transportation security, incident response, civil liberties, resource allocation, capabilities, and immigration (the guideline provides further topics).

STYLE: Writing quality in terms of grammar, punctuation, usage, structure, spacing, etc. as well as reader engagement is excellent.

RESEARCH: Evidence of comprehensive research of a current homeland security issue. All elements are included: identify the issue, status of the issue in the past and present, what has been done (policies, etc.) to address the issue or what could be done.

CRITICAL THINKING: Research conducted (and documented) is supplemented by evidence of critical thinking and personal opinion in relation to the last element.

ANALYSIS: Paper clearly shows an in-depth analysis of the issue. The adequacy or deficiency of what has been done to address the issue is developed and specific recommendations are provided.

ORGANIZATION: Presentation is well organized providing the reader a clear progression to the final conclusions. Paper identifies a subject, describes it appropriately, and asserts a judgment of it.

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