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Issues covered in Part A need not be repeated; but the focus here is on continuation of the same business or selected company on additional areas: -


1. Budgeting and Planning - Assuming you are to prepare the financial and operating budgets for the selected company or client; what are the possible areas which would consider as main areas of focus to consider / worked on; some of the main assumptions (consider industry, macro and micro) and the monitoring mechanism and process you would set up. Outline the business strategies of the business (vision, mission etc.) You may also outline the levels and areas of responsibilities considered appropriate for the budget.

2. Sustainability accounting and reporting -Outline practices and the sustainability reporting; or if your client which you which you have selected has not done so; think of ways to implement or improve sustainability accounting.

3. Profitability and Break evens - Review the business of the client or company; what do you think are the profitability drivers (i.e. main factors that determine profitability), break-even considerations and for any cost /benefit analysis? If applicable; how would you practically consider CVP Analysis in the business. What are the main factors you consider influencing pricing and strategic product mix decisions?

4. Other Strategic Management Areas -Customers, Suppliers, Inventory and Logistics, Quality Management etc.

Sales and customers are of paramount importance to any business; outline possible areas of improvements in terms of the company managing its customers (i.e. CRM systems, client satisfaction, or customer analysis etc.).

For some businesses; managing supply chain and inventory management is critical for the success of the business; outline any supply chain or logistics improvement that can be made (including ordering of goods or services).

Briefly describe the four types of quality costs; and highlight one of each type in your client business.

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