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Assessment - Blog and Learning Reflections

Assessment Criteria -

  • Demonstrate regular use of the weekly blog by providing clear cross-referencing between report and at least 8 time-stamped meaningful blog entries THROUGHOUT the term.
  • Demonstration of candid and critical self-analysis, including re?ection on knowledge AND personal development directly linked to examples of own behaviour to identify personal strengths and weaknesses.
  • Ability to devise an action plan, supported by literature, that addresses key development needs and identi?es speci?c activities and appropriate timeframes for implementation.
  • Demonstrate a breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 10 high-quality sources.
  • Correct use of the APA referencing system.
  • Contribution to the group in assessment 2 as evaluated by yourself and your group members (Self- and Peer-Assessment).

Reflective report -

While the blog is built throughout the term, the reflective report is to be developed towards the end of the term, as it requires you to present a critical self-analysis and reflection of your learning as a result of experiencing Design Thinking activity within this unit. The self-analysis and reflection must consider your personal development, as well as the development of your knowledge of Design Thinking topics. As a conclusion, students are to develop an action plan of key events and activities that they can undertake over the next 6 months to acquire any knowledge, skills and behaviours identified as requiring development.

The reflective report should be submitted as a Word document with a length of 2,500 words (+/- 10%), excluding preliminaries, tables, figures and references. Your reflective report must make reference to appropriate academic literature and theory in a critical way. Moreover, the report MUST explicitly reference appropriate evidence in your blog using a clear cross-reference system. The reflective report must make use of at least 20 high-quality references (APA style).

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