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Analysis of HRM-related issues and their solutions

You are required to investigate current HRM-related issues in the workplace. You are to conduct research into a workplace of your choice, identify the most contentious issues, develop solutions and submit a report detailing your research, conclusions and recommendations.

Your task:

1. Select an Australian workplace for research. It may be your current workplace, or that of a colleague or relative. It is recommended that the organisation be a small one.

2. Determine the mission and vision, and if possible the value statement of the organisation. Create a questionnaire that allows you to gather further information about the firm and its employees. e.g. Number of employees, whether it is a franchise or sole trader, and nature of the business and current performance. You may attempt to determine the cultural, gender or generation mix in the workforce, as well as information regarding the owners of the business. You may wish to supplement your findings with observations (websites, reading material) and conversations with employees and employers of the firm.

3. Analyse the information you have gained and summarise your findings. You may choose to place your findings in categories. e.g. Gender mix etc

4. Identify any issues that have emerged from your investigation. e.g. Financial problems, gender imbalance, excessive overtime, a dominance of casual /part-time staff, sub-contracting, lack of promotion etc.

5. Consider and develop solutions to the issues you have identified.

6. Write a report using the following headings:
a. Title page-title of report, author, date, who for
b. Executive summary - mini version of report (no more than half a page)
c. Table of contents - pages and sections numbered; should not include executive summary or title page
d. Introduction - scope of research, research methods, analysis undertaken
e. Body of report (your headings) - research findings, sequenced to develop understanding of findings
f. Conclusions and recommendations - summary of analysis and solutions to issues identified
g. Appendices - copy of questionnaire, notes, any other items considered relevant

7. Read the marking guide (below) and be mindful of its contents when writing your report.

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