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Your project to acquire charitable donations is now 30 days in the planned 40-day project. The project is divided in three activities. The first activity is designed to solicit individual donations. It is programmed to run the first 25 days of project and to bring in $25,000. Even though we are 30 days in the project we still see which we have only 90% of this activity complete. The second activity narrates to company donations and is programmed to run for 30 days starting on day five and extending through day 35. We estimate which even though we must have (25/30) 83% of this activity complete, it is actually only 50% complete. This part of project was programmed to bring in $150,000 in donations. The closing activity is for matching funds. This activity is programmed to run the last 10 days of project and has not started. It is scheduled to bring in additional $50,000. So far $175,000 has essentially been brought in on the project. Compute the schedule variance, schedule performance index, and cost (actually value in this case) performance index. How is the project going?

Hint: Note that this problem is dissimilar since revenue rather than cost is the appropriate measure. Use care in how the measures are interpreted.

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