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1) prepare down the objectives of Operations Management.

2) What do you mean by the term 'value chain'?

3) prepare down the difference between core competence and core processes.

4) What do you mean by product-process matrix.

5) What would be the significant location factors that McDonalds might consider while opening a new restaurant?

6) What do you mean by the term 'diseconomies of scale'.

7) Describe the objectives of production planning and control.

8) Compare and contrast quality circles and JIT.

9) prepare down the difference between centralized and Localized purchasing.

10) Demand for tomato soup at the supermarket is always 25 cases a day and the lead-time is always 4 days. The shelves were just restocked with tomato soup, leaving an on-hand inventory of only 10 cases. No backorders at present, but there is one open order for 200 cases. What is the inventory position? Should a new order be placed?

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