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You wish to bring up concerns about security your brother. Joseph asks you, "If Internet is inherently not secure, then why are so many business, government, and military transactions being processed online?"

Your brother thinks that security risks for Grandma's Treats, and it should be approached in methodical way.
Educate Joseph by creating short research paper. prepare some some security concerns which Grandma's Treats must address as it considers how to create Web presence. prepare down the risks? How can they be decreased? Are you confident that Internet is, or can be, secure enough to tackle these transactions for Grandma's Treats or others, more information-sensitive businesses?


Compile the list of security concerns which Grandma's Treats must address.
Answer the following problems:
prepare down main security risks and concerns for businesses which handles sensitive information?
prepare steps that can be taken to decrease the risk of creating a Web presence? describe.
What security measures do you suggest for Grandma's Treats?
How can you effectively describe to your brother which information security must not be taken lightly?
prepare suitable exs of information security attacks and different means to protect against them.

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