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Answer the following problems.

problem 1) Define and describe Business Communication and its principles.   

problem 2) describe a concept of culture. Also distinguish national cultural variables from individual cultural variables.

problem 3) Describe the role of technology in business to manage information within and outside organizations.   

problem 4) prepare a thorough note on process of preparing effective business messages.   

problem 5) prepare brief note on “Communication is the Life Blood of an Organization”.    

problem 6) Draft the letter from company ABC to company XYZ consisting of three paragraphs, communicating that the company ABC has accepted the work order to manufacture parts of a motorcycle. Indicate on letter seven standard parts.   

problem 7) What do you mean by formal and informal relationship that exists in a business enterprise? What else does communication play in building these relationships?   

problem 8) How non-verbal communication differs from visual communication? What are their distinctive characteristics? Give a list of both forms.

problem 9) What are the various methods of data collection? Give a detailed account of the steps you would consider before writing business report? It helps the management in decision making. How?

problem 10) prepare brief notes on the following:

a) Business Communication and Ethics

b) Business Communication and Technology

c) Proposals

d) Strategies for Successful Speaking and Listening

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