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1) prepare a report on the Australia Postcase study, minimum 3,000 words

2) Conduct a presentation (10 minutes):

Your report should include three sections.

a) A statement of the Australia Postsituation: a general description of the problem.

b) A general description of the solution strategy, consisting of:

i) A strategy map from the business perspective, including:

  • The Financial view.
  • The Customer view.
  • The Internal process view.
  • The Learning and Growth view.

ii) A strategy map (consequence of the previous one) presenting specific objectives

iii) The corresponding IT strategy map, aligning the IT drivers and objectives with the business drivers/objectives and internal process view of the map above. This must include (for IT) the drivers, the ‘Customer’ view, the ‘Internal’ view and the concrete initiatives (as presented in Slide 7 of Lecture 6)

c) Using the APQC framework you have to produce a value classification Heat Map.


Your report should be professionally organized, written and presented. For guidelines you can visit:

The intention of your presentation should be to convince management of the relevance and appropriateness of the EA project, to convince them to fund the project. You should cover the essential points of your report, should be no longer than 10 minutes (about 5 slides), and the emphasis should be on presenting the alignment between the business drivers and the IT initiatives.

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