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Definition of: e-book

The electronic offset part of a printed book, which can be viewed on a laptop, desktop computer, and Smartphone or the e-book reader. When traveling, a large number of e-books can be stored in the portable units, radically eliminating the weight and the volume compared to the paper. The Electronic bookmarks make referencing simpler, and the e-book readers may allow user to annotate the pages.

Although the fiction and the non-fiction books come in the e-book formats, the technical material is especially suited for the e-book delivery because it can be searched. In addition, the programming code examples can be rapidly copied, which is why the CD-ROMs that hold entire text of work are often packaged inside the technical paper books.


As the e-book formats emerged and proliferated, some garnered support from the major software companies, such as the Adobe with its PDF format and the others supported by the independent and the open-source programmers. The different e-readers followed the different formats, most of them specializing in only one layout, thereby fragmenting e-book market even more. Due to exclusiveness and the limited readerships of the e-books, fractured market of the independent publishers and specialty authors lacked the consensus regarding a standard for the packaging and the selling of e-books.


1.The e-books are delivered just about instantaneously. You can download, purchase and start the reading them within the minutes, without departure your chair. You don't have to go to a bookstore to purchase them, neither wait for them for the days, the weeks and sometimes more to appear in mail.

2.There is no trees are required to manufacture the paper for pages of eBooks.

3. When you require the certain information, you can obtain it immediately, by the downloading an eBook.

4.Many eBooks are sold nowadays with the bonuses, which you usually do not obtain with a printed book.

5.The e-Books take up the less space. You practically don't require any space to accumulate them. You don't require a library or a room for them. You can accumulate the hundreds and the thousands of eBooks on your computer or the reading device.

6.The e-books are portable (handy). You can carry a whole library of the hundreds of books with you, on the CD, notebook, in a laptop, or any eBook reader, without worrying about their burden.


1.They're quicker to obtain: If you want the specific information and it's available in a book, you can buy an eBook and download it instantly. Instead of waiting for a printed book to be delivered, you can access this information now.

2.EBooks are more easily updated and upgraded: The information changes quickly today. The Books on the many subjects can become dated very speedily. The eBooks can be easily and speedily kept up to date. When you order an eBook, it can be mainly up-to-the-minute information presented.

3.You usually get far more than just the book: Most eBooks are sold with the bonuses and the related information that generally don't come with buy of a traditional book. You might give same or even a bit more for an eBook, but you generally obtain more, too.

4.EBooks take up less space: Instead of a huge library, you can fit the literally thousands of the books on your computer. It also makes its simpler to distribute this information with the family and the coworkers.

5.The EBooks don't use up the trees: Except when you print one out-something I usually do for the booklets and the special reports. The eBooks use very few natural resources. We save the trees and help to reduce the pollution from the pulp mills.

6.They are more transportable: You can have speedy and the easy access to the hundreds of books on your notebook or eBook reader, desktop computer. They are much simpler to take with you than the traditional tomes.

7.The references can be hot-linked: Easy links to the Web sites and the other references can be placed in an electronic book. While reading, you can click on the hot links to other places to find out the more. With proliferation of wireless networks, this will become even the more practical.

8.You can do global searches and find information quickly: When you are looking for the certain information inside a book, you can simply find it using find feature. It saves you time and the aggravation looking for something in exacting.

9.A technology will obtain better: This is an promising technology and the people are often slow to the change. But as quality of the monitors recover and become more solid and portable, more and more we'll be reading the electronic books.


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