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Definition of Social Studies:

The Social studies are integrated study of social sciences and the humanities to promote the civic competence. Within school program, the social studies provides the coordinated, the systematic study drawing upon such the disciplines as anthropology, economics, archaeology, history, geography, philosophy, law, psychology, political science, religion, and sociology as well as the  appropriate content from mathematics, humanities and the natural sciences. The main purpose of the social studies is to help the young people to develop ability to create informed and the reasoned decisions for public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, the democratic society in an interdependent world.

What are the scopes in social studies?

The scope of social studies is determined by definitions of subject. It does not have one precise definition because some school of thought defines the social studies as; an amalgamation of the social sciences, the meaning is obliteration of the various social sciences and the humanities for purpose of citizenship education. The social studies involve study of the history, law, economics and the other subjects in social sciences. With this scope is to give learners relevant information in solving the personal as well as the social problems.

Another school sees it as a method; It is the study of social sciences for the pedagogical purposes. It equips the students with ability to teach the social science subjects in the secondary level of the education. Therefore, it limits its self to acquisition of the knowledge which is essential for the teaching.

Some also believe that the social studies deal with the human relations. This is because it places prominence on individual qualities such as the obedience, honest, respect and the others. It teaches about how an individual can relate with each other. The key scope in it is to inculcate in the people, how to respect the other people and the culture.

Therefore it is a truth that the social studies limit itself to the citizenship education which is now practice in the Ghana. With this people are able to find deep roots of the contemporary as well as the persistence problems and thinks of how to eliminate such type of problems. Insipid of dealing with the contemporary issues in the Ghana we can also valve the knowledge from the different countries which has faced such problems before and use them as the solution. As a result some sociologist as Agawam (1990) says the social studies is wide and infinite an indeed as wide as the earth itself. Barr bath describes it as schizophrenic bustard child. In all the social studies deals with all the subjects.

The following major branches of the social science deal with main issues facing by modern world:

Social work is concerned with the social problems, their solutions, their causes and their human impacts. The social workers work with the individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations. The Social Work is t profession committed to pursuit of the social justice, to enhancement of t quality of life, and to the development of complete potential of each individual, community and group in the society.

Economics is social sciences that investigate to analyze and explain the distribution, production and consumption of the wealth. The classic concise definition of the economics, set out by Robins in the 1932, is "the science which studies the human behavior as a relation between the scarce means having some alternative uses." Without the  scarcity and the alternative uses, there is no economic difficulty.

Geography as a discipline can be divide broadly into the two major sub fields: the human geography and the physical geography. The former focuses largely on built environment and how the space is viewed, created and managed by the humans as well as influence the humans have on space they occupy. The latter examines natural environment and how vegetation & life, climate, water, soil and the land form are shaped and interact.

History is the systematic, continuous narrative and research of the past events as relating to human species; as well as study of all the events in time, in relation to the humanity. The History can be seen as the sum total of many things taken together and spectrum of the events occurring in the action following in order leading from past to present and into future.

Psychology is an academic and the applied field involving study of the behavior and the mental processes. The Psychology also refers to submission of such knowledge to the various spheres of the human activity, including the problems of the individuals' daily lives and treatment of the mental illness.

Sociology is the study of the society and the human social action. It usually concerns itself with social rules and the processes that separate and bind the people not only as individuals, but as the members of groups communities, associations and the institutions and includes the examination of organization and the development of the human social life.

There are so many other types of fields that improve scope of the social sciences in century of the machines.

Human life is enveloped by the social sciences in one shape or the other. The man of 21st century is surrounded by the unlimited problems; the social sciences are solutions of these types of problems. The Natural science talks about the specifics of the universe; it is the social sciences that deal with these specifics (truths).


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