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problem 1)a) With the usual assumptions and notations derive an expression for EOQ when the delivery rate is infinite and shortages being permitted.

b) Describe the different functions of operations management.

problem 2)a) The following data refers to an aggregate planning problem. The company uses pure strategy of employing only regular time production at uniform rate and inventory carrying to meet the demand. Shortages are not permitted. The regular time production cost is Rs. 50/unit. The inventory carrying cost is Rs. 3/unit/quarter. find out the beginning inventory to use this plan and determine the total cost of the plan.

Quarter                                                 I          II            III        IV
Aggregate Demand [Units]                    1200      1400    1100     1100
Available working days                           62            62        58          58

b) The management of kindergarten school finds that the yearly admission of children has a relationship with the birth rate in their region 3 years prior to the year of admission. The following data is available for the past ten years

Birth Rate X 103   10     10.3   10.7      11.2      12     13.1      14.3        15      16.7      18
Admission x 10    2.1     2.2    2.5         3.2        4      4.7         5.3        6.1       7        7.9

Indentify the forecasting technique and forecast the admission for the 12th year.

problem 3)a) Two jobs are to be processed on 5 machines A, B, C, D and E. The processing time in hours and the sequence are as shown.

Job 1           A              B               C                D                 E
                   3              4               2                1                  5
Job 2           C               B              D                E                 A
                   4               3              2                 1                 4

In What order the jobs be done on each machine to minimize the makespan ? What is the makespan ?

b) describe the various quantitative techniques of Forecasting.

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