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problem 1:

With regard to the Commission for Conciliation and Mediation (CCM) prepare about the following: referral of labour dispute to the CCM, rejection of labour dispute, appeal against rejection, and promotion of settlement through mediation and conciliation.

What special provision has been made for disputes related to the fire services and the prisons services? Mention the time frames and their extensions where applicable.

problem 2:

(a) What does the Code of Practice of the Employment Relations Act 2008 provide for (i) grievance and dispute procedures in general and (ii) individual grievance procedure?

(b) Point out at least 10 principles laid down in Employment Relations Act 2008 to which the Commission for Conciliation and Mediation and the Employment Relations Tribunal may, in the exercise of their duties, give attention.

(c) What does the Voluntary Conciliation and Arbitration Recommendation, 1951 (No. 92) advocate with regard to voluntary arbitration and conciliation?

problem 3:

(a) What provisions have been made in Employment Relations Act 2008 for actions by the Supervising Officer regarding the following: -

(i) Assistance through negotiations; and

(ii) A conciliation service in connection with a dispute not yet reported to the President of the Commission for Conciliation and Mediation? Mention any time frame where suitable.

(b) With regard to the Employment Relations Tribunal, prepare about the following: referral of dispute, action by Tribunal, effect of award, its variation, and situations for the extension of award to another employer. Mention the time frames and their extension where applicable.

(c) Describe the following: ‘conciliation’, ‘arbitration’ and ‘mediation’.

(d) Delineate a labour dispute.

problem 4:

(a) What do you understand by the term conflict? Is conflict indispensable? When is it a problem?

(b) What kinds of managerial actions cause workplace conflicts?

(c) What are the chief managerial actions / structures to minimize conflicts?

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