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Neda handles a small convenience store in southern town which has a high tourist draw. After many years of operating the store, Neda has decided to no longer sell tobacco products of any kind due to her belief that they’re dangerous and lead to addictions. After a few months, many other stores in community also decide to stop selling tobacco products. Their rationale has more to do with lawsuits and criminal penalties if employees sell these products to minors. In one year, all community stores have decided to ban sale of tobacco products. The town has become recognized as "smokeless," and residents who make living on tourism are afraid that this label will hurt tourism and their businesses. As more and more communities are prohibiting smoking in the public places, this sample case study has been the genuine condition in many communities throughout the nation. As a consequence, there should be plenty of factual material accessible to reinforce your findings and conclusions.

1. Who’re the stakeholders affected by stores' decisions? Do the stores, as businesses, have the obligation to the broader community to not hurt tourism? Is Neda placing her own personal ethics ahead of the business ethics? Is there difference? Why, and how?

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