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problem 1: Which of the given are not correct?

A. Delay in a critical activity doesn’t essentially mean a delay in the total project.   
B. It is likely to have more than one critical path.   
C. For finding the critical path computationally, we have to resort to forward pass and also backward pass computations.   
D. The backward pass includes the computation of late start and late finish times.   
E. None of above.

problem 2: The main purpose of the performing a forward pass is to:

A. Recognizes the critical path.   
B. Find out the early start and early finish times.   
C. Find out the late start and late finish times.   
D. Find out the slack available in the process.   
E. All of above

problem 3: Slack for an activity is stated as:

A. The amount of time the project is idle.
B. The amount of time that the activity can raise without delaying the start of the very next activity    .
C. The amount of time that the activity duration can be raised without delaying project completion.   
D. The amount of time that workers won't have duties to perform.

problem 4: Which of the given statements is true regarding a critical path?

A. Critical path comprises of activities wherein early start times equivalents late start times.   
B. The activity all along the critical path takes the longest processing time.   
C. Critical path comprises of activities in which early finish time equivalents late finish time.   
D. There is no slack in the activities all along the critical path.   
E. All the above

problem 5: Which of the given statements is wrong regarding PERT Method of project scheduling?

A. PERT needs three time estimates for scheduling a given activity.   
B. PERT supposes that the actual activity times are distributed according to the beta probability distribution.   
C. PERT supposes that the statistical variation in total project completion times can be find outd by multiplying variances all along the critical path.   
D. None of the above

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