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problem 1: Which of the given is not a major activity of operations in supporting company success?

a) Provide products or services suited to the company’s capabilities.
b) Produce product with constant quality level.
c) Minimize cost.
d) Provide a product or service that has adequate market.

problem 2: Operations are concerned with ___________while marketing is concerned with ____________.

a) Demand, quality
b) Efficiency, cost
c) Supply, demand
d) Demand, supply

problem 3: Job shops are:

a) Same as batch.
b) Don’t relate to service operations.
c) Often contain big percentages of their inventory as work in process.
d) Are usually set up for repeat business.

problem 4: Common characteristics of operations don’t comprise:

a) Fixed output capacity
b) Continuous improvement
c) Feedback from the pool of customers and potential customers.
d) Need to obtain the inputs.

problem 5: The accomplishment of high quality is most closely associated to __________.

a) Repetitive operations.
b) Design specifications.
c) Service operations.
d) Customer requirements.

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