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Q1. A control chart utilized to monitor the proportion of defects produced by a process is the: P-charts: Employed to monitor the percentage of failures produced by a method:

a) p-chart
b) R-chart
c) X-bar chart
d) c-chart
e) Gantt chart

Q2. Which of the given corresponds to the predictor variable in the simple linear regression?

y = a + b x Where,
y = Predicted (Dependent) variable
x = Predictor (independent) variable
b = slope of the line

a) Regression coefficient
b) Dependent variable
c) Independent variable
d) Predicted variable
e) Demand

Q3. One way to raise the reliability is to:

a) Remove backup component.
b) Enhance the preventive maintenance procedure
c) Raise mean repair time
d) Raise the number of independent components
e) None of the above

Q4. Service design usually differs from the product design in which of the given ways?

a) Service design tends to focus on the tangible factors.
b) There is less latitude in detecting and correcting errors prior to the delivery.
c) There is a lesser need to be aware of competitor’s offerings.
d) There is less visibility to the customers.
e) None of above.

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