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1. Let weight, which one of the following transporting modes generally has the LOWEST cost?

a. Waterways
b. Airways
c. Trucks
d. Railroads
e. Pipelines

2. Which of the following is not a kind of limited-function wholesaler?

a. specialty wholesalers
b. catalogue wholesalers
c. truck wholesalers
d. drop-shippers
e. cash-and-carry wholesalers

3. A channel system in which different members informally agree to cooperate with each other is called a(an) ______________ system.

a. contractual channel
b. dual distribution
c. traditional channel
d. administered channel
e. franchising

4. Railroad service which chooses truck trailers at producer\'s location, loads them onto rail flatcars, hauls them close to customer, and then delivers them to buyer\'s door is _____________.

a. truck service
b. fast freight
c. diversion in transit
d. piggyback service
e. pool car service

5. A good marketing manager will try to:

a. set desired customer service level before trying to minimize physical distribution costs.
b. minimize total cost of physical distribution.
c. maximize level of customer service provided by his firm.
d. minimize storing time and costs.
e. give customers with just-in-time delivery service.

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