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Examine the roots of cross-cultural conflict in global organizations. Determine the most common causes of cross-cultural conflicts within organizations, as cited by the experts.

Find a minimum of three peer-reviewed articles supporting those reasons for conflict.

In a five pages paper, analyze the conflict(s) presented in the articles. Is it possible to mitigate the causes before the conflicts occur? Why or why not?

In your opinion, what are the long-term consequences of such conflicts on a global organization? As a leader in the global organization, what measures can you take to control and mitigate the causes in the long run and protect your organization from the consequences of such conflict?

Analyze the leadership skills that are most important for a global and multicultural management environment. List, cite, and describe the leadership characteristics and skills essential for managing cross-cultural conflict in global and multicultural organizations.

What makes a good leader in an environment of cross-cultural conflict? What makes a good team in that environment? describe with a rationale and exs.

Use APA citations/references.

Sourced Documents:

1) Effective Leadership Practices in Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution
2) Constructive Conflict Management in a Cultural Context

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