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Using these articles:

Thomas R. Roosevelt Jr. (2006). New York. AMACOM, American Management Association."Building on the promise of diversity: How we can move to the next level in our workplaces, our communities, and our society". Chapter 4.

Michelle T. Johnson. (2006). New York. AMACOM, American Management Association. "The diversity code: Unlock the secrets to making differences work in the real world".

Roslyn Arlin Mickelson. (2002). "The Academic Consequences of Desegregation and Segregation: Evidence from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools".

What do you believe to be the primary moral wrong committed by discrimination (appeal to the moral theories)?

What do you see to be the primary moral justifications in favor of affirmative action (again appeal to moral theories to support your position)?

Based upon your position do you believe that affirmative action is justified?

Why, or why not?

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