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1. What do you see as the intersections of Drucker's discussion on effective decision making and the Lussier/Achua discussion of charismatic, transformational and transactional leaders Where do they agree and disagree

2. Using Drucker's discussion of generic vs. exceptional issues, how would you categorize/analyze the Katrina disaster and/or the events of 9-11?

3. Think about an organizational crisis that has recently made the news. Analyze the organizational reactions and crisis leadership in relation to the guidelines given in our text. How did the various organizations handle the communication and other aspects of the crisis leadership? Discuss your analysis both as an "outside observer" and by putting yourself within the crisis....what would you have done differently?

4. Analyzed the connection between positive conflict resolution methods and accomplishment of organizational objectives, you will examine how mindfulness, heart, vision, communication, courage, and integrity, help alleviate unproductive organizational conflict and how managers can teach and model these concepts to their employees. require a power point presentation on training that address each of the six forces and describe how they are useful when one is leading through change.

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