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Q1. Define the word business communication. describe why is its study important for a business management student? describe how can you make communications skills more efficient?

Q2. Describe the various forms of communication. Describe the process of communication with relevant illustrations in each phase of process.

Q3. What barriers might distort the efficiency of communication? describe how these barriers could be overcome to improve the communicational efficiency?

Q4. You are the incharge of customer care centre in General Motors Limited. You received a letter from a car owner who is not satisfied with the fuel efficiency of his car and is planning to move to Consumer Court. Draft a letter reassuring the customer and requesting him not to move to the Consumer Court; and as well suggesting him the ways of raising the fuel efficiency of the car.

Q5. You are working as the Regional Head of the Sales and Marketing Division of organization manufacturing only Tooth Pastes in three various colors and flavors. There is a sharp decline in the sales throughout the last three months.

You are reasons of decline in sales and as well to offer strategies to restore and improve the sales volume. Make a report on the similar addressing it to the CEO of the company. 

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