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Cultural Theorists

1. Who are they are what are their dimensions?

Characteristics of leaders
2. What are they and what impact do they have on an organization?
3. Do you know the differences between the theorists and their dimensions?
4. Each theorists has different view about: Time - space - environment - collectivism - individualism
5. How has culture affected a country's politics, economy, investments and management that can a leader have on a country right future direction? ( trust, assassination, religion rules and dictators)
6. Benefits and drawbacks of multicultural organizations - What are they? Do they change depending on the country?
7. What are the key characteristics of good / effective leaders?
a. Character
b. Duality is important
c. Savvy
8. Can you describe a multicultural organization?
- Ethnicity
- Religion
- Nationalism
- Working together in a company

9. Describe the culture of a person as a whole life and things he did for the country for ex Sheik Zayed - Richard P- Steve for Apple - king Abdulla of Saudi

10. Can you describe the different styles of operation in different countries?
ex, china, India , US , japan in any organization like( BANK )

11 . A small paragraph about MacDonald - Apple - Wal-Mart- V . Mega start
- Mission
- Turnover
- Low and high cost
- Low and high quality

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