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problem 1: Answer any ten problems:

a) State the two benefits of diary methods of job analysis.
b) Give two uses of the job analysis.
c) What are the two strengths of non-analytical methods of job evaluation?
d) Name two limitations of interview method of personnel selection.
e) What do you mean by mating theory of recruitment?
f) Give the two names of interest inventories employed in employee selection.
g) State a benefit of multiple cut-off models in making selection decision.
h) Name the two methods of off-the-job training.
i) Define the term performance appraisal.
j) What do you mean by bounded rationality?
k) Name four sources of job stress.
l) What do you mean by group think?
m) Give two methods of coping with job stress.

problem 2: Answer any two problems:

a) Describe the uses of psychometric tests in personnel selection.

b) State the criteria of managerial success.

c) Assess the procedure of group decision making.

d) describe the effects of job stress.

problem 3: Answer any two problems:

a) What do you mean by job analysis? describe and assess the interview and problemnaire methods of job analysis.

b) What are the uses of job assessment? How would you install job assessment system in an organization?

c) describe the steps and suppositions of classical theory of decision-making.

d) Describe the role of organizations in decreasing the job stress.

problem 4: Answer any two problems:

a) Describe the system view of personnel psychology with its relevance of your regions context.

b) Why is performance appraisal necessary in organization? Describe the different methods of performance appraisal.

c) Justify the identification of training requirements and describe the different methods of training.

d) Describe the concepts of selection ratio and the base rate and describe the multiple hurdle model of making selection decisions.

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