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problem 1) How is corporate communication different from general communication?

problem 2) describe how can grapevine be tackled effectively?

problem 3) Define communication in detail.

problem 4) What is the importance of feedback?

problem 5) describe encoding and decoding?

problem 6) Why is coherence essential for any communication?

problem 7) “Silence is an effective type of non-verbal communication.” Describe.

problem 8) prepare down the advantages of written communication over oral communication?

problem 9) What do you mean by listening.

problem 10) What are the various types of listening?

problem 11) What are the essentials of a good classified advertisement?

problem 12) prepare down the features of a public notice?

problem 13) prepare down the points that must be included in a purchase order?

problem 14) prepare down the factors that must be kept in mind during comprehension of a passage?

problem 15) “A job application letter is a sales letter.” describe in detail.

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