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problem 1: What are the Institution Building Skills of the Top Executives in organizational set up? Describe with illustrations from different Institution Building Personalities quoting their role relating to different skills which contributed in Institution Building. Briefly describe the organizational history you are referring to.

problem 2: What are the common barriers to efficient Decision making? How can they be overcome? Quote and describe the instances from your own experiences or the experiences you are aware of relating to and substantiating the answers to this problem. Briefly describe the organization and the situation, you are referring to.

problem 3: Conflict is an integral part of organizational functioning. Briefly describe and discuss the impact of conflict on organizational functioning. Draw from your own experience or the situations and effect you are aware of in organizational set up with reference to the different impacts listed in the study material. Briefly describe the organization, and the situation you are referring to.

problem 4: How do you see the relationship between leadership styles and leadership Theories? Describe and relate your answer with the experience you have had in the organizational set up yourself or you are aware of. Illustrate the situation and the organization in brief, which you are referring to.

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