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1) Beverage companies often use television commercials with images of young people laughing and enjoying themselves on a beach or in a club. These images are designed to appeal to consumers' ________________, suggesting"be like me."

A. loyalty references
B. ideal sociological point
C. self-concept
D. geographic choice
E. benefit perceptions

2) Diana's firm makes pumps and valves, and it has begun expanding internationally. A firm in Argentina responded to the company's website to inquire about becoming a distributor for the firm, and Diana is trying to analyze the opportunity. In her analysis, she'll look at the implications of Argentina's membership in:

D. Mercosur.
E. All of the above.

3) Narbonne's, an upscale department store, instructs sales personnel that whenever a customer asks where something is, they should drop what they are doing and offer to escort the customer to what they are looking for. The company's reputation for excellent customer service has resulted in:

A. product design excellence.
B. a sustainable competitive advantage.
C. mission statement satisfaction.
D. sustainable price decreases.
E. producer excellence.

4) We often see advertisements touting a product as being made with natural ingredients, or long-lasting. Marketers using these types of promotions are positioning their products based on:

A. value.
B. salient attributes.
C. symbols.
D. against competition.
E. all of the above.

5) For many years, Southwest Airlines distinguished itself as the low-cost airline. Now, many other low-cost competitors have entered the market. Similarly, Southwest was one of the first airlines to offer online ticketing. Now, all airlines have online ticketing. These exs suggest:

A. no single strategy is likely to be sufficient to build a sustainable competitive advantage.
B. situation analysis is a continuous process.
C. marketing is a never-ending story.
D. product excellence is the best source of a sustainable competitive advantage.
E. all of the above

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