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1) Think of time when company you worked for or are familiar with went through organizational change. How did you learn about change? Was this communication method effective? What would have been the best method to communicate change to employees and why? Give references if applicable.

2) You are appointing new manager at company. Company is in middle of big organizational change. Chief executive officer was replaced and there was realignment of many departments comprising staff layoffs. What suggestions would you give to new manager about attitudes which she may encounter in her new role and how to manage during this change? Give references if suitable.

3) Let where you work or company with which you are familiar. Which image(s) of managing change does leadership adopt? Describe how this may affect resistance to change. Give references if suitable.

4) You work as employee for company with 300 employees. Give suitable exs of the types of change which could be communicated in the following methods:

o Via e-mail
o Town hall-style meeting
o Telephone call
o Memo

Explian why some methods are better suited to certain kinds of change than others? Give references if applicable.

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