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problem 1: The field of POM is shaped by the advances in which of the given fields?

a) Industrial engineering and management science.       
b) Biology and anatomy.   
c) Information sciences.                   
d) Physics and Chemistry.
e) Ecology and zoology.

problem 2: The responsibilities of Production and operations manager comprise:

a) Planning, organizing, staffing, procuring and the reviewing.
b) Planning, organizing, staffing, leading and the controlling.
c) Forecasting, designing, accounting and the financing.
d) Marketing, selling, advising and the auditing.
e) None of above.

problem 3: Which of the given is not an element of management process?

a) Staffing.
b) Planning.
c) Controlling.
d) Leading.
e) Pricing.

problem 4: Which of the given is true regarding business strategies?

a) All firms in an industry will adopt similar strategy.
b) Well defined missions make strategic development much simpler.
c) Strategies are formulated independently of the SWOT analysis.
d) An organization must stick with its strategy for the life of business.
e. Organizational strategies depend on the knowledge given in EMU.

problem 5: Which of the given statements regarding organizational missions is not true?

a) They reflect a company’s purpose.
b) They point out what a company intends to contribute to the society.
c) They define a company’s reason for the existence.
d) They give guidance for functional area missions.
e) They are formulated after strategies are recognized.

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