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A) Whenever you use the ___________________statistical test, you will see that the net variation in Y, the dependent variable, can be symbolized as the sum of describeed variance, undescribeed variance and an unknown error.

B) The _________________ measures the degree to which there is a linear relation between two interval scaled variables.

C) In multiple-regression, the ______________ describes the variation in dependent variable accounted by the independent variable.

D) The ___________________ statistical method is used to categorize to one of two or more alternate groups based on the set of measurements.

E) A market research presentation must address the consistency and accuracy of its findings. In more technical terms, accuracy and consistency refer to the __________ and __________   of the findings.

F) Whenever a car manufacturer sells cars at a lower price and prices the spare parts higher, it is stated to follow a _______________strategy.

G) In probability sampling, all the members of a population have a/an ________   probability of being comprised in the sample.

H) A ___________ sampling design is very helpful in reaching small, specialized, hard-to-find populations.

I) In _____________ sampling, the expert uses her decision to recognize the representative samples.

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