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prepare down true or false:

A) The fundamental purpose of data analysis is to extract the meaning and knowledge from the collected data.

B) MDS Incorporated has sent out the problemnaires to respondents to rank 5-brands of toothpaste on their capability to clean and whiten, to prevent decay and to freshen the mouth. MDS Incorporated is employing an attribute-based approach.

C) The research method comprises of connected phases or steps that guide a project from its conception to the final analysis, proposals and ultimate action.

D) Determining the sample size in a stratified sampling plan comprises identifying homogeneous subgroups.

E) The p-value can be stated as the biggest significance level at which we would accept the null hypothesis.

F) The ANOVA test is a conventional manner to present a hypothesis test concerning the difference between some means.

G) The more the p-value, the higher is the researcher's confidence in research findings.

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