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problem 1: Which of the given activities occur once the mission has been generated?

a) The firm generates alternative or back-up missions in case the original mission fails.
b) The functional areas develop their functional area strategies.
c) The functional areas develop their supporting missions.
d) The ten POM decision areas are prioritized.
e) None of above.

problem 2: The basic purpose for the existence of any organization is describeed by its:

a) Policies.       
b) Strategy.       
c) Bylaws.
d) Procedures.
e) Mission.

problem 3: Which of the given is true? The impact of strategies on the general direction and fundamental character of a company is:

a) Long range       
b) Short ranged       
c) Minimal
d) Medium range       
e) Temporal

problem 4: Which of the given is true?

a) Corporate strategy is shaped through functional strategies.
b) Corporate mission is shaped through corporate strategy.
c) Functional strategies are shaped through corporate strategy.
d) External conditions are shaped through corporate mission.
e) Corporate mission is shaped through functional strategies.

problem 5: The basic purpose of an organization’s mission statement is to:

a) Define the organization’s main purpose in the society.
b) Define the operational structure of organization.
c) Generate good public relations for organization.
d) Define the functional areas needed by the organization.
e) Make a good human relations climate in organization.

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