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1. Psychologically, promotions help satisfy employees' need for:

a. separation

b. security

c. discipline

d. superiority

2. The advantage of using a behavioral checklist is that

a. it is good for individual feedback and development

b. it provides a direct link between job analysis and performance appraisal

c. it focuses directly on job behaviors

d. the meaning of response categories is generally interpreted similarly by various raters

3. Most companies require that appraisal results be

a. e-mailed to the employee

b. discussed with the employee

c. only provided on an annual basis

d. sent by certified mail to the employee

4. Prior to the performance-feedback interview, the supervisor should

a. communicate frequently with subordinates about their performance

b. set aside a maximum of 15 minutes to prepare the appraisal

c. have a coworker complete the entire appraisal

d. refrain from speaking to subordinates

5. One requirement of sound appraisal systems is _____, which refers to consistency of judgment.

a. relevance

b. sensitivity

c. acceptability

d. reliability

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