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problem 1: The Father of Scientific Management is:

a) Frank Gilbreth.
b) Frederick W. Taylor.
c) W. Edwards Deming.
d) Walther Shewhart.
e) Just a figure of speech, not a reference to a person.

problem 2: Walter Shewhart is listed among the most significant people of POM since of his contributions to:

a) Assembly line production.
b) Measuring productivity in the service sector.
c) Statistical quality control.
d) Just-in-Time inventory methods
e) Lean production and MRP I and MRP II.

problem 3: Henry Ford is noted for his contributions to:

a) Quality control.
b) Assembly line operations.
c) Scientific management.
d) Standardization of parts.
e) Time and motion studies.

problem 4: Taylor and Deming would have both agreed that:

a) EMU is one of the best universities in the world.
b) Management should do more to enhance the work environment and its processes so that quality can be enhanced.
c) Eli Whitney was a significant contributor to statistical theory.
d) Productivity is more significant than quality.
e) The era of POM will be succeeded by the era of scientific management.

problem 5: Which one of the given statements is true?

a) The person most responsible for initiating the use of interchangeable parts in manufacturing was Eli Whitney.
b) The person most responsible for initiating the use of interchangeable parts in manufacturing was Whitney Houston.
c) The origins of management by exception are usually credited to Enrique Iglesias.
d) The origins of the scientific management are usually credited to James Taylor.
e) All of the above statements are true.

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