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In a 1000 words or less, summarize the key issues you believe which led to MDC not functioning to its full potential at SMC and how you would rectify these issues. Be sure to draw on the previous discussions and coursework.


After your experience with MDC at SMC, you have been asked to implement a similar system/process at another site called Lakeside Medical Center (LMC).

1. If you were tasked with implementing the MDC system and process at LMC, what would you list as the goals/objectives of your project? What business outcomes will be achieved when each goal is completed and how will the goal be measured?

2. Identify the key stakeholders involved in this project. How will communication be maintained between these stakeholders? Rank your stakeholders in order of importance and provide reasoning for your ranking.

3. What are some key risks that are associated with this project and what potential strategies could be utilized to handle these risks?

4. LMC has entered into a similar alliance with the same major healthcare vendor. The healthcare vendor states it will be possible to implement CPOE, Electronic Medical Documentation, ADCs for medications, eMAR and barVcoded unit dose medications with scanning at the point of care to positively identify both the patient and the drug prior to administration. You and your team have been provided with four months to implement MDC and all of these systems at LMC. Is this project technically, economically and organizationally feasible? Why or why not?

5. You have been selected as the champion for MDC at LMC. How would you convey the need for MDC to key stakeholders?


1. If you were new to this project, how would you obtain the information for the requirements of the system? Elaborate on which requirements gathering technique(s) you would use and explain your rationale for why you chose that / those particular technique(s).

2. From your requirements gathering you have determined that MDC will operate as follows for an appointment with medication administration:

A scheduling clerk with information for a patient's MDC visit will login to the MDC system and schedule an encounter. Appointment information entered into the scheduling system is stored in the patient's profile in a patient database. The scheduling clerk will then fax any medication orders to the offVsite pharmacy for the order to be verified. Upon receipt of the order information, the offVsite pharmacy will search for the patient on PharmNex (the pharmacy order / verification system), select the appropriate patient, setup the new medication order and approve or decline the medication order. Upon the medication order being entered into PharmNex, the system will cross check
the patient's information and drug database for Adverse Drug Events (ADE) and if discovered, will provide an alert to the pharmacist. At this point, the pharmacist will have the option of cancelling the order, or overriding the ADE alert. Upon completion of the medication order, any verified medication orders are sent to the Automatic Dispensing Cabinet (ADC) at LMC.

At the encounter time a Nurse will log into the ADC, search for a patient, select the appropriate patient, select the specific encounter and select the specific drugs to administer. The Nurse will remove the appropriate medication from the ADC and proceed to the Patient's room for administration. In the room, the Nurse will scan the Patient's wristband with the scanner, which will send the scanned information to the
portable medical cart, and then scan the medication to be administered. If the medical cart system confirms that the medication is okay to be administered, the Nurse will proceed to administer the medication. If the medication or patient being scanned is incorrect, a Bar Code Medical Administration Warning will come up and the Nurse will have to investigate the issue. If the administration process proceeds as intended, any drug administration information will be sent to the patient's profile on the patient database.

From the information presented above determine some key functional and nonfunctional requirements of this system.

3. Based on the information presented in question 2 create a data flow diagram for the proposed system. Included in your data flow diagram should be a context diagram and level 0 diagram. For simplicity, it will not be necessary to go to level 1 in this case.

4. Based on the information presented in question 2 create a use'case'diagram based on the Nurse and Patient actors.


1. Your major healthcare application vendor will help you design the systems and their interfaces. How will you test this system during its development? What user interface issues should you be aware of and how will you go about testing these?

2. The system has been designed with the help of your informatics team, the healthcare application vendor and representative users of the system. What other types of documentation will you need in order to ensure this system is successful upon implementation?

3. How will training and postVimplementation support be handled for this system? Be sure to explain and justify your reasoning.

4. What type of migration issues should you be aware of when implementing the new system at LMC?

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