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Description: Students are needed to conduct research by interviewing a staff member of an organization with experience in employee recruitment and selection (e.g. HR advisor, manager). They are to use this interview to access information on a job or position which exists in the interviewees’ organization. From the information from this interview, students are needed to perform a job analysis on the job or position identified.

They are then to employ this job analysis as the basis for writing the position explanation relevant for this position.

The interview needs:

A) The review of literature and opinions regarding the task and role of job analysis.

B) The review of literature on interview skills and methods.

C) The development of a list of 8 to 10 relevant interview problems for the interviewee. Such problems require to guide the interview in a direction which makes sure that a suitable position in the organization can be found out and that will permit a job analysis to be performed on that position.

Page 11MAN3000 – Strategic Human Resources Management, Trimester 2, 2013

You should make sure that you are prepared for the interview and you require describeing the purpose for the interview to the interviewee. You might select to forward a copy of your interview problems to your interviewee before the interview and hence can be prepared. You require to record the interview thus ask the interviewee if they mind you taking notes or recording the interview.

The report needs:

A) The use of the interview information in the construction of a job analysis on a selected position at the interviewees’ organization.

B) The use of this job analysis to in the construction of a relevant position explanation for the chosen position.

C) The range of references which must demonstrate breadth and depth of research.

D) The capability to use the wider literature in constructing the framework for this assignment.

E) The display of critical assessment and diagnostic skills in the selection of the data included.

F) The display of critical evaluation in the selection of the information sources used.

G) Suitable and accurate use of the Harvard Referencing System.

H) You should employ a minimum of 6 references:

I) Text books: The prescribed text and at least 2 other text books

J) At least 2 academic journal articles (found using EBSCO, Emerald, ABI/Proquest, Science Direct, Informit etc.)

K) 1 other source of your preference: Blog, newspaper, magazine or other Internet source.

L) No more than 1 reference may be general Internet based sources.

M) Wikipedia is not to be employed and doesn’t count as an academic reference.


Comments and a mark will be returned to you in two weeks of submission. Beneath is the feedback from which will be employed to provide you with your grade and summary.

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