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1. Marketing Research

a. Is simply asking consumers for their likes, dislikes, requirements, and wishes in a one-on-one situation
b. Spans informational boundary between firm and its environment
c. Can only be employed to assess impact or contemplated adjustments in marketing mix
d. Is most generally used for marketing control purposes

2. Standard test markets are valuable under all of following conditions except:

a. When it is significant for the firm to test its ability to secure support from trade and get distribution
b. When firm desires control over whom of measurement
c. When capital investment is important and firm requirements prolonged test market to assess its technical ability to produce the product
d. When firm requirements to build experience base, but only on limited scale.

3. Which of the following is false?

a. Classification information is heart of survey and is so called as it will be classified into suitable categories of the dummy tables.
b. Basic information must be secured first and classification information last
c. In dealing with sensitive issues when designing a problemnaire, favoured alternative is to avoid these kinds of problems altogether, if at all possible
d. When using funnel approach to problemnaire design, researcher will start with broad problems and progressively narrow scope of further problems.

4. Which of the following statements about attitudes is false?

a. Attitudes represent person's ideas or convictions, with regard to specific object or idea
b. Attitude plays main role in many marketing models which describe consumer behavior.
c. Although attitude is main concept, it is usually regarded as unrelated to actual purchase behaviour
d. In general, practitioners have strong interest in consumer attitudes and attitude research.

5. Measurement consists of:

a. Assignment of numbers (representing quantities of attributes) to objects or events according to rules.
b. A theory of hypothesis construction
c. Isolating those objects which may be shown to possess the mathematical properties of activity
d. A continuum which complies with the basic axioms of mathematics.

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