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1. In general if primary research doesn't have the effect on management decisions:

a. it is exploratory
b. it is unobtrusive
c. it is descriptive
d. it should not be done
e. costs should be cut as much as possible

2. Which of the given is not true about research process?

a. It is systematic, planned approach
b. It makes sure that stages of research project will be independent of each other
c. It guides project from conception to final analysis and presentation of results
d. It makes a consistency between research design and research purpose
e. All of these are true

3. Sources of information to develop hypotheses comprise:

a. previous research
b. exploratory research specifically designed to come up with the hypothesis
c. different academic fields, like psychology, sociology, and marketing
d. a manager's past experience
e. all of these

4. Distribution which tails off to right and contains few very large values is describeed as

a. negatively skewed
b. platykurtic
c. positively skewed
d. symmetric

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