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Case study:

Sheena had worked for the same Fortune 500 Company for most 15-years. Though the company had gone via some tough times, things were begun to turn around. Customer orders were up, and quality and productivity had enhanced dramatically from what they had been only a few years earlier due companywide quality enhancement program. Therefore, it comes as a real shock to Sheena and about 400 of her co-workers when they were suddenly terminated following the new CEOs decision to downsize the company. After recovering from the initial shock, Sheena tried to find out employment elsewhere. In spite of her efforts, after 8 months of searching she was no closer to finding a job than the day she started. Her funds were being depleted and she was getting more discouraged. There was one bright spot, although: She was able to bring in a little money by mowing lawns for her neighbors. She got included quite by chance when she heard one neighbor remark that now that his children were on their own; nobody was around to cut the grass. Almost jokingly, Sheena asked him how much he had been willing to pay. Soon Sheena was mowing the lawns of five neighbors. Other neighbors wanted her to work on their lawns however she did not feel that she could spare any more time from her job search.

Though, as the rejection letters start to pile up, Sheena knew she had to make an imperative decision in her life. On a rainy Tuesday morning, she decided to go into business for herself taking care of neighborhood lawns. She was relieved to give up the stress of job hunting, and she was excited about the forecasts of being her own boss.

However she was as well fearful of being completely on her own. Nonetheless, Sheena was determined to make a go of it. At first, business was a little slow, but once people realized Sheena was available, many asked her to take care of their lawns. Some people were simply glad to turn — the work over her; others switched from professional lawn care services. By the end of her first year in business, Sheena knew she could earn a living this way. She as well performed other services such as fertilizing lawns, weeding gardens and trimming shrubbery. Business became so good that Sheena hired two part-time workers to assist her and, even then, she believed she could expand further if she wanted to.

problem 1: In what ways are Sheena’s customers most probable to judge the quality of her lawn care services?

problem 2: Sheena is the operations manager of her business. Describe her responsibilities in daily business aspects. 

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