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problem 1: Select one of the given designs of ship: RO/RO, General Cargo, Container and Tanker. Describe in detail (use diagrams if essential) the design of the ship, its cargo handling equipment, and the type of cargo it carries, how they are stored on board the ship and any typical trade routes.

problem 2:

a) State where two principal sea canals are.
b) Describe how the lock system on a canal works (use a diagram if essential) and what a lock is used for.
c) What is the name given to a ship which is the maximum size which can transmit the Panama Canal?
d) What is the name given to a ship that is the maximum size which can transmit the Suez Canal?

problem 3: Describe what a time charter is, describing the types of rates for the charter and who is responsible for what costs.

problem 4: Describe and give illustrations of the duties of the Ship’s Master, his/her legal status and how this relates to the company operations.

problem 5: Describe about the liner conference system and how it works.

problem 6: Describe about IMO: who they are, how they work and what they have affected in the maritime world.

problem 7: Illustrate about a Ship Management company, the different departments found in the management company and the legal policies which have to be implemented.

problem 8: Define the given terms:

a) Gross Tonnage (GT)
b) Grain Space
c) Describe what you understand about load line zones and the problems or factors you have to take into account.

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