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You are the Sales Manager in an insurance company and are in charge of a territory. You are heading a team of six people. There is a possibility you may be promoted soon if you achieve your sales target of $300,000 this year. You are confident that you will achieve this target.

However, one of your star salespeople has been behaving abrasively with you and the other members of the sales team. Instead of focusing on selling insurance policies, he has been throwing his weight around. You have warned him twice already. He doesn't seem to have been affected. However, his attitude is lowering the morale of the entire team. It is time you did something to save the situation.

Reflect on what you have assessed about your leadership style from the online leadership assessment tool. How would you use your leadership style to resolve the situation in the given scenario? As a leader, what would be your actions? Provide a rationale for your response and quote what you gathered about your leadership style from the online assessment.

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