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The organization's social media policies must be formalized for several reasons: to present company's brand consistently; to empower employees to become involved in plan; and to reaffirm organization's stance, opinion, and views on participation.

Any social media policy must do the following:

1. Describe why social media is significant to firm and clarify social media's goals.

2. Provide details about how to tackle common situations like negative complaints or scandals.

3. Be specific about which sites are being utilized and for what reason.

4. Prepare at-home social media use guidelines. As social networkers are never off clock, employees should know that sensible office rules apply when doing business at home, too.

Prepare Power Point presentation 6 slides - Intro, 3 content (body), & conclusion - on social networking policy for your job/organization. It might be short training presentation, sales presentation, presentation trying to convince management of proposal, etc. Reply the three discussion problems in content (body) of slide presentation.

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