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1. The letter L in the acronym LIFE stands for ________.

a) little things
b) loss of customer
c) labor costs
d) none of the above

2. When it comes to customer interaction: it doesn't matter what customers do, so long as they begin to do something.

a) employees should always wait for customers to initiate interaction as they become comfortable.
b) customers who are intending only to waste time in your business should be held at a distance.
c) getting the customer to approach the product in the right frame of mind is the key.

3. You can gain loyal online customers through a lack of competition if: your website has a unique slant on your industry.

a) you effectively use FAQs and searchable knowledge databases.
b) both A and B
C) neither A nor B

4. Which phrases can inoculate against buyer's remorse? I'm sure you'll get many hours of enjoyment out of this.

a) You'll feel good about this later.
b) Wow! Now that is a good decision.
c) Just let the wife see it in place, then she'll like it.

5. One of the main principles behind globalization and expansion across cultural and geographic boundaries is: you cannot build relationships with people you don't understand.

a) value and service are the same in any language.
b) language barriers are not as important as value barriers.
c) all of the above

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