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problem 1:

Mr. Ignorant wishes to open a company. He has already chosen the name ‘Xmas Mauritius Ltd’ for the company. Since he is ignorant about the procedures, he seeks your Advise to incorporate his company. Furthermore, since Mr. Ignorant hasn’t enough funds, he wishes to know how he can raise capital for his company. Counsel with Mr Ignorant.

problem 2:

Mr. Richer, an American, wishes to invest in the global business sector of Mauritius. Hence, he wishes to know whether there is any differentiation between a Global Business Category 1 and a Global Business Category 2.  Counsel with Mr. Richer.

problem 3:

(a) Mr. Gentil, a Mauritian textile exporter, is proposing to enter into an international sales contract with a French importer, to sell his textile products. Advise Mr. Gentil how to make sure the validity of the international sales contract.

(b) Illustrate briefly what you understand by the phrase “Cost Insurance Freight” (CIF).

problem 4:

In this era where international commercial transactions have created a significant place worldwide, the World Trade Organisation plays a significant role in encouraging free trade among countries.  Discuss.

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