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1) The cereal industry is dominated by four companies. These firms produce large volumes, promote heavily, and through slotting allowance payments control access to the supermarket shelves. Combined, these four firms have:

A. market segmentation sufficiency.
B. successful mission-goal statements.
C. value-based customer care.
D. sustainable competitive advantages.
E. strategic business acumen.

2) NCD company wants to expand into the Mexican market. They have financial resources, want to control business operations, and have had considerable success marketing to Hispanics in the United States. NCD will likely use ______________ to expand into the Mexican market.

A. direct investments.
B. export promotions.
C. joint ventures.
D. franchises.
E. strategic alliances.

3) Marketing researchers use scales to measure consumers' attitudes, perceptions, loyalty and other responses. It is better to use an even number of responses on the scale if:

A. you want to reduce data collection costs.
B. you are running out of space on the answer form.
C. you don\'t want respondents to take a neutral view.
D. you are asking a lot of problems to reduce response fatigue.
E. you want to get better information.

4) A university targeting students based on the benefit of getting a degree quickly and without interfering with the rest of the students' lives would emphasize:

A. providing classes at convenient times and asynchronous distance learning courses.
B. discount pricing for students taking more than twelve credit hours.
C. the higher average salaries earned by college graduates.
D. the great variety of classes offered.
E. all of the above

5) In problemnaire design, a problem such as "Do you like Wendy\'s hamburgers and fries?" suffers from the problem of a problem:

A. that is complex and something respondents may be unfamiliar with.
B. that steers respondents to a particular response.
C. that is sensitive, that respondents are reluctant to answer.
D. that asks two problems at once.
E. respondents cannot easily or accurately answer.

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