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problem 1: Make a code of ethics for an organization of your choice. For each point in the code of ethics, describe an ethical dilemma which would be resolved by using the code of ethics.

problem 2: Ethics comprises the moral values, beliefs and rules which establish the right or appropriate ways in which one person or stakeholder group should interact with one other. describe how organizational ethics is a product of societal, professional and individual ethics, and describe what happens when ethical behavior is compromised.

problem 3: According to resource dependency theory, what motivates organizations to form inter organizational linkages? What are the benefits of strategic alliances as a way of exchanging resources?

problem 4: Illustrate the differences between centralization and decentralization and between standardization and mutual adjustment. What factors find out the ability to strike a balance between such mechanisms?

problem 5: Why is differentiation essential to build a formal organizational structure? Is differentiation limited to large organizations? How is the concept of span of control associated to both integration and differentiation?

problem 6: Bureaucracy is a phenomenon which presents itself in varying degrees in organizations. When does bureaucracy become a problem in an organization? How can the principles of bureaucracy help managers to design the organizational hierarchy? What can managers do to prevent bureaucratic problems from arising?

problem 7: What core competences give an organization competitive advantage? What are the illustrations of an organization’s functional-level strategies?

problem 8: Why would an organization select a corporate level strategy to expand its value-creation activities beyond its core domain? Discuss how an organization’s structure and culture might change as the organization begins to enter new domains.

problem 9: Why do organizations decline? What steps can organizational leaders take to halt decline and restore the organizational growth?

problem 10: describe how evolutionary change and revolutionary change differ. What are illustrations of each?

problem 11: How do cognitive biases affect organizational learning and the quality of decision making? What can be accomplished to decrease the negative impact?

problem 12: What are the differences between the rational and the Carnegie approaches to decision making? What are the differences between the incrementalist and the garbage can models?

problem 13: How can the design of the organization’s structure and culture give some subunits more power than others?

problem 14: Define and describe the term authority and discuss the bases of authority. How does authority differ from power? Describe how people or departments within organizations can gain power via control of resources and through solving key organizational problems.

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