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1. First, identify which of the five generic strategies Home Depot employees. Provided evidence that supports your response.

2. Conduct competitor analysis and identify the competitive challenges confronting Home Depot.

3. Discuss the significance of the competitor analysis with Home Depot's generic-business strategy

4. In assignment 4 you identified Home depot's generic Business-level Strategy and conducted a Competitor Analysis. Using the model A Framework of Competitor Analysis, discuss the Market Commonality and Resource Similarity of Home Depot's two biggest competitors: Lowe's and Menards.

5. Identify which market cycle Home Depot competes within. Support you response with evidence.

6. Lastly, discuss two advantages and two disadvantages of the market cycle that Home Depot competes within. Life -cycle(Embryonic, Growth, Shakeout, Mature, Decline)

(Pressures arising from the shakeout phase would point to consolidation as means to save funds for the approaching mature phase.)

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