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The Proposal:

In preparation for your final research project to complete your HND, you are to prepare a research proposal using the standard Research Proposal Template on Moodle relating to a specified area of business. The proposal should include the following:

A) An identification of the research problem or hypothesis with justification for choice.

B) Background to the research problem.

C) A justification of the chosen methodology in terms of the research problem

D) Specification of the research methodology that you intend to follow which should include both secondary and primary research.

E) Details of how you will project manage your research.

F) Identification of risk factors and how you will mitigate them.

G) Description of the Quality Control measures that you intend to employ.

H) A statement of any problems, assumptions or limitations that you foresee.

I) An action plan for each stage of the research with target dates and methods for monitoring and planning.

J) A code of ethics for the conduct of the study.

H) Referencing List.

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