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problem 1:

All organizations are being impacted by alter in both the external and internal business environment. In order to reduce the negative impact of these changes on the organization, managers need to proactive and they should prepare the organizations to deal with such changes.

(a) Illustrate the different elements of internal and external business environment.

(b) Illustrate, by using suitable instances, how managers manage their particular environment.

problem 2:

“Planning is significant for the success of the organization. Yet many organisations are reluctant to be involved in planning procedure” Discuss and illustrate out the validity of this statement.

problem 3:

With reference to suitable theories, assess the strategies management could employ to make sure the efficiency and effectiveness of workforce.

problem 4:

(a) Why is the function of controlling significant to organisation?

(b) What are the steps which need to be followed in implementing the effective control system?

problem 5:

Illustrate out the different steps involved in the effective decision making procedure.

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