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John Black is production supervisor in low-tech toy company which manufactures wooden cars and boats for children 2-4 years of age. John supervises twenty-five employees and has been performing well in this same job for five years. In personal reflection, John wishes to be promoted, but doesn't think he will be offered promotion in near future. John doesn't actually understand why, though. John has 24/7 email access and is "always on" wireless technology. Actually, John is somewhat of legend at company for always being on his BlackBerry. John not only has conversations by his BlackBerry, but also does quite bit of message texting. John has always believed that as of  efficiency involved, electronic means of communication are better than face-to-face communication.

describe can John's personal philosophy about communication affect his career? If yes, describe why? If no, why not? If you were John, what personal philosophy about communication would you have to maximize not only your job success, but also success of your career?


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